Tuesday, May 26, 2015

how do we deal with relationship tribulations?

katika kupita pita blogini, nkakutana na hii heka heka kwa Milard Ayo....
sasa today am just thinking it a loud.

people always says kaibiwa mke , mme, girlfriend or boyfriend and am trying to really understand this, can someone steal someone, i mean how do you steal a fellow human being?
Ofcourse nothing hurts like knowing that your partner/ man cheats on you and you get to know, lakini hivi watu hua wanakaa chini na kufikiria na kuwaza why is that happening? especially if you have a good man whom you know very well? do people run into healing their pain by acting? why do women run to attack the other woman who the husband is cheating on?or a man to another man?is the problem solved that way?
i mean inakuaje unadeal na third person insolving the issue that you have in hand, why not deal with your man/woman?  your self then you can take care of the 3rd person, have u ever considered that if u are able to find a solution between your partner and yourself the 3rd person eventually vanishes on its own.

I think its very foolish when a woman goes about dealing and handling the problem in her hand like the heka heka story. i dont support the cheating but i think people should really be wise when it comes to relationship issues.. you must always remember you are dealing with fellow human beings not monsters. same to the side chicks be wise when caught in between...

well mdau what do you think? hii imekaaje?

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