Monday, March 9, 2015

See What Wema thinks of a friend.

So am watching Wema Sepetu's in my shoes and i really like how she defines a friend..
Got me into serious thinking like, do i really have a friend who i can open up even to my deepest secret?like someone who i can tell everything, like really everything even the oddest things?
mmmh!!yes i think i do!think i got one, and the oddest of it is that a friend like this is never someone you know like really way back.

i would prefer dating a guy who will treat me like a friend, and who would mantain  being my friend even after the relationship is over,, because this just proves that the person loved and kept me close to his/her heart like always..
Nways back to to Wema's topic...
Really i think its really true, i mean how does your close friend/ ndugu  go out with your ex bf..think it is really naaaaaasty...
mmh my views!!

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