Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Dress On Thursday.

Hello Thursday!!!!
It just happens that most of my thursdays are cool,  i like taking photos on thursday!and i like really looking good, may be i can call it "i dress on thursday" not a fashionist but i guess i have little genes of them. Lol!!
I am not an early bird, and i always decide what to wear in that day after the bathroom..sometimes its very challenging especially when i wake up late, have to exercise and am trying to rush so that i can get to work early but same time i want to dress good and look good.
So what i normally do, i always go for a black outfit that i can wear with anything colored and a little bling bling...i am one of those who dont like attracting too much attention (like i really even do). and it always works for me. i spend 5 to 10 minutes dressing and doing my make up(which you can barely see) hahahaha!!!!

What do you normally do when you want to look good, same time you are late and undecided what to wear?how long do you take dressing? please share with me, may be i can more tips.