Monday, February 9, 2015

Fitness love.

Day Tuesday. ..

Mmmh...i woke up to face the starts shining as early as 6:30 in Maputo...its way too hot..and VERY uncomfortable..

This year I decided to care so much about my body and am taking atleast an hour every day to exercise, not only that I want to weigh less but mostly important to stay healthy n fit..I dont mind keeping the same weight but having a fit body.. 
at the same time AM doing my best to watch what am eating..

Most of the time we  make excuses not to exercise, might be that we dont have time..but where there is a will there is a way....

I joined a Dina Marios health club via whatsup  and so far so good.. she drives and reminds us to do all what we can to stay in balance.....(please see more of Dina in her blog
And am doing this exercises alone(one thing i used to feel before is that i need someone to hold my hand and we both exercise, but this is a wrong feeling, you can do it yourself alone, you dont need anyone to push you into it.)

i have learned that...everything can be learned and adjusted with our body systems..the more u do it the more it becomes part of ur life and the more it becomes ur habit....
Just love urself and love ur body...looking good makes u feel good...exercises makes our bodies strong.. exercise, exercise, exerciseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

slowly my muscles are coming watu..hahahahaha..


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