Saturday, January 3, 2015

the enemy Yourself..

2015 is all about me.
I want to take more time focusing on me.....i want to be quiet and act more.

one of the mistakes we make in life is when we think we have enemies outside ourselves..
we use a lot of energy analyzing situations and we waste time thinking of how we re going to deal with whoever put us into those "shituations".... we dont even for a second think that we are 100% responsible for whatever situation we are facing..we blame, blame and blame, hate and hate, and some go to the extent of planning of how do revenge.
But wait for a minute have you ever put it into your head that the greatest enemy of you is you?
just take time to think about it, when you have great ideas in your head, before even you share them to anyone, are you not the first person to tell yourself that they can not be done, that they are impossible?how many times do you wait and hope for someone else come hold your hand and take you out just because you think you cant take yourself out.
Are you not the number one killer of your dreams?, how many times have you wanted to write a book, sing or etc and you managed to tell yourself that you can not do it?
How many times have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and told yourself you are ugly, that you are too short to touch the sky?
Do you remember when someone lied to you and yet you gave them a chance to keep lying to you while you knew the truth but along and then when the time came for them to reveal the truth you were hurt?
Count the opportunities that you were given to fly and you decided to sail in a small boat.....why do we stoop so low to eat the snails on the ground while we can actually reach for sweet corns just about our hands height.
We most of the times think that we can not be happy without some certain people in our lives, we always associate happiness to some people being around us, and the some "me" time is always boring,, this sounds like you are never happy being alone, so my question comes like if you never make your self happy, how can you make others happy, if you find bored being alone, how do you make others being interested to you?
Why do we make ourselves be so dependent?
why do we care so much about what people talk about us?why do we let it torment us so much even sometimes for the things that we know are no true?

Why not give yourself a chance to know yourself enjoy yourself, listen to your self, put those great ideas on the table and act on them...why not forget about the pain or the venom building in you about some one who did something that you allowed them to do that to you..what i mean here is to let go off without having much on focus why, and why, and why........why not just focus on the good things life is offering you and be happy.....
You have the potentials...go for them.

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