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9 Worries that Can Still your happiness.

Is life made out of worries??I often ask myself this question as i find myself thinking and worrying about things almost everyday...and i believe that all people worry about something in their lives everyday...My often worries are about my future, relationships, finances, health and many other things.
But again i get to read my Bible(this is the book where i get principles, dos and don'ts of life) and it tells me that "what do i gain by worrying??My God will provide everything for he knows my needs. So basically am told not to ruin my life with worries,and that this worries are pointless and they will never improve my life, rather i should always listen to my consciousness when it says "Candy don't worry"...and that with no worries i live peaceful....
I should focus on thinking what good i can do to improve my life.Just like how successful people do, they look on the problem and find answers for it..they don't dwell on worrying about the problem rather give solutions..That is how everyone should live. A lot depends on the nature of your mind and the type of your character. Luckily, there are a few techniques that can help you get rid of annoying worries, which are spoiling your life. I hope this article will prove you that there’s no need to worry about life as quoted from womanitely blog.

1. Worries about social inequality-

One of the most important things you should do is to admit and understand that life isn’t equal and honest. If social inequality creates inner conflicts in your mind, then you should change your mindset and stop treating others as competition. But nevertheless, you have all chances and opportunities to develop in various directions. You should always believe in your skills and focus on desirable results. This mindset will make you more successful.

2. You want to make more money and advance your career

This is one of the widely spread goals everyone wants to reach. Don’t ask too much questions to yourself. They can only damage your confidence and make you hesitate in your abilities to succeed. You should believe that you are smart and strong enough to reach any goal and you deserve the best. It’s important to understand that you should reach goals step by step. Take all necessary measures to advance your career and increase your incomes. Imagine your success and write down steps you may take to become more successful.Read also – 10 Habits That Can Steal Your Happiness

3. Thinking over financial problems at night

Almost all people have a tendency to mull over financial problems before they fall asleep. These thoughts can be harmful, because they can provoke insomnia and other kinds of sleep disorder. To my mind, it’s better to talk to a trusted person about your problem than leave yourself alone with the issue. I’m sure they’ll give you a helping hand or give you a valuable advice on how to improve your personal financial situation. It’s significantly easier to find the solution to the problem together.

4. Thinking about negative people

It often happens that negative people don’t leave your mind alone. Your family members or friends may also bring you down. It may seem difficult to avoid communication with the people you love, but if they hurt you regularly, you should take measures to protect yourself from negativity. Try to help them, but don’t let their worries ruin your life. Many psychologists advise to surround your life with people who don’t give grounds to worry about everything. Positive environment will free your mind of anxiety.

5. Worrying about your weight

There are no magic pills which can make your body perfect. I prefer physical exercises to medicines, because different pills can make your hormonal balance worse and damage your health. Today you can lose weight with a help of a healthy diet and physical exercises, but you should do it on a regular basis. Everything depends on your genetics. Someone eats a lot and stays slim when others eat less and put on weight very quickly. Lead a healthy lifestyle and you’ll be proud of your magnificent body.Read also – 8 Most Overlooked Ways to Lose Weight

6. Worrying about things you cannot afford

This world is full of temptation around. Hundreds of shopping centers offer marvelous goods. Unfortunately, you’re sometimes unable to buy what you really want. You often feel anxious and despondent about this fact. I think everyone knows that easy accessible things bring you less pleasure than things you are dreaming about. You should develop the power of will and work an extra few hours every day if you want to earn more money and buy things you like. Those who can wait have a chance to receive the best.

7. You want to keep everything in balance

This worry is the biggest weakness of many people. You are just a human being and you have no power to keep everything in balance, because everything in this world isn’t permanent. If you’re cooperating with people, you should be ready to face their irresponsibility, stupidity, laziness and indifference. There’re millions of challenging situations and problems that can ruin your plans and make you unable to keep everything in balance. Just treat all difficulties as interesting life adventures and new possibilities.

8. Worries about future events

Nowadays many people have a frustrating habit to worry about future events that may not happen. I understand that sometimes there are real reasons to worry about future, but people often fret for no rational reason. It’s better to imagine successful results of your actions than picturing a negative outcome. You should realize and accept the fact that your worries cannot change the future event. It can only damage your physical and emotional well-being. If you cannot stop worrying, then you should learn to find positive moments in your worrisome thoughts. This technique will help you replace annoying and destructive thoughts.Read also – 7 Undeniable Reasons Why You Overthink Your Problems

9. You think you aren’t good enough

Many women worry about their appearance and other aspects of their personality. The only effective way to stop worrying about your imperfection is to develop a sense of gratitude. You should be thankful for everything you have and should learn to love yourself. Those people who are hard on themselves always suffer from anxiety. Don’t waste big sums of money to improve your appearance. Good mood and frank smile will be enough to make your personality and appearance better. I’m sure that gratitude can replace your worries with pleasant emotions and feelings.
Hopefully, this article will change your attitude towards anxiety. Try to find comfort and peace in your mind. I was taught to cast my cares and problems upon heavens. It helps me feel free from worry and annoying obsessive thoughts. 
thanks to Womanitely once again...

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