Sunday, July 27, 2014

Last sunday of july 2014..

Today I woke with lots of questions in my head..
I closed my eyes and I could see the review of my life for the past two years..I began seeing it like a movie..
A smile came on my face on the parts that I did well in this review movie of my life and tears fell on my cheeks on all the bad moves that I did on the movie...
And then then I had this big question..
What does God see me??
What do the world see when they look at me?? I presenting myself??
Am I an icon of a good example or am I having an unknown personality??
And what about to myself, how do I see myself..???
Well what I know is that everyone knows wat to answer for this qn, but the most important thing here is to talk to urself....u can not lie to yrself nor to God...
And may be this will help u change ur ways and always want to do good..

Have a nice sunday..

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