Thursday, May 8, 2014

what you need to know about The hush tag TBT"throw back thursday"

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where Throwback Thursday started. If you do a search using the Instagramers iPhone app that lets you easily pull up the oldest tags on file, you see that a user named @bobbysanders22 is the first person on record as using the tag, in 2011, not long after Instagram added hashtags as a feature.

sO WHAT IS this tag"TBT"
It is a clock back.....
If you use Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably seen or used the hashtag #throwbackthursday, or #tbt, once or twice (or a million times). It rose to such infamy that along came #flashbackfriday so people would have an excuse to post old pictures two days a week instead of one. It’s so popular that there are over 40 million pictures  tagged with #tbt on Instagram, another nearly 23 million with #throwbackthursday and there are even over 135,000 hilariously tagged with #throwbackthursdayy

So what are the games of #tBt
1. Show us something funny, have you ever thrown up on your brother? Yourself? This digital holiday was practically founded on the principles of comedy. Seize it.
2. Throwbacks to that month in college you had a rather violent stomach virus and as such appeared 15 pounds lighter than you do now, accompanied by a caption that says something along the lines of “OMG, we were suck dorks! LOL!” Look, I was skinnier in college too.
3. Throwbacks to a wedding. It’s sweet that you’re married, really, we’re so happy for you. But why are you telling your network how much you love your husband, by way of telling him how much you love him, (see: “Love you hun! Five beautiful years days!”) when his face doesn’t even show in the photo. This picture is about how great you looked with that face painted on, isn’t it? 
4. According to one friend, a Throwback Thursday picture should only exist if it’s pulled from an actual film photo. . The supposition is that if you’re throwing back, you’re commemorating a vintage moment, and digital files aren’t particularly vintage. Said friend continues, “neither is a picture you wish you could have posted to Facebook before Instagram existed.”
5.  Do post the most uncomfortable, awkward, compromising photos you can find of yourself. Because Throwback Thursday will almost only ever be interesting and applicable to the people who know you, at least give the people who don’t a reason to believe that you, too, were a weird little critter and let that freak flag fly.
Tbt.. one of the classes for cpa(2011) early morning before others came to class... just reminds me of something funny..


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