Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You need to grow up...

Well as reading through blogs, i met this article from Niaje tittled"

If You Are Part Of Them, You Need To Grow Up"

 lets share it...

It is within our beliefs that you become a grown up person when it comes a time and you stop doing certain things. For instance, you join the grownups league when you stop telling your parents where you are going or lying about it when they ask where you coming from or moving out of their house.
That said, I have an issue with you men who say you don’t believe in Valentine’s or Love in general. This caliber of men is not actually the one we need to see being part of our future generation’s role models simply because of this, ‘what is life without compromise!’
Agreeably, love is one of the necessary evils within our lives. We actually agree to dine with the devil under what we perceive to be the greater good but we never allow him cook. In that sense, it is true to say that the relationship is 90% hers but you should feel free to allocate yourself the remaining 10%.
If you still believe that the ratio of men to women is 1:6 kindly add some groin into your thinking. In addition, if you are one of the existing 67% of Kenyan women who think that it makes no sense for a man to ask for his ‘rock’ after breaking up, just grown up.
If you can’t stay off your phone for just 30 minutes in order to have a fruitful conversation, I believe you have some growing up to do. I believe the Son of God will not announce his coming back through Facebook or Twitter.
When meeting a friend, particularly a lady in town, you should be like an architect’s blueprint; have an accurate and proper planning. You must be punctual because even research shows that a considerable number of women are impatient.
Last but not least, I wish to enlighten you about something; if, like the Vatican, you deem preaching abstinence as the only and best way to combat HIV/AIDs, you indeed have some ground to cover in terms of maturing.
Let’s all understand that there is a time for everything and some things in life do not come with a manual so going that extra mile to learn what is needful of you is substantial

Well grow up...

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