Thursday, February 27, 2014

we all need a break from routine life...

I have been away from my routine for a while and i must say that i really needed that break...
Well actually now that am back i feel back with energy, my head ready to think and act......
At times I used to feel guilty when I took a complete rest a day, or some hours, felt like i was loosing a lot by resting, never gave a chance for my body to decide to rest.
Now what does this tell me???
It tells me that we neglect our bodies by overworking them.
It tells me that just like how cars need service, human being need a break from their routine life.
We are all on the same direction and goal, we are all struggling to survive,we are running on to success, we are all searching for money and in order to get this we need to work hard and smartly and i must say that most of the time we forget so much of this thing called "rest"....
I define rest as "not having stress on your central nervous system"... as "change of routine life to something different',,, as "change of environment" etc etc.
Everyone needs a break at some point in life,,,get sometime to rest from your daily activities and believe me you will come back with energy and be more productive to whatever you have been doing.

Keep living, laughing and loving.

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