Sunday, December 1, 2013

Life at the Village, the green environment..

My Domingo turned to be a funny one, 3/4 of the day was used to driving to a nowhere(guess this is my way of calling places i don't know especially those in the villages),,well it was an experience to me and it made me have a fresh mind....
Got me into thinking, like do we get to re freshen our minds by visiting new places? 
As we drove passing different villages i kept appreciating the view and as i saw the villagers with their daily activities i just realized that life is more than what we have,own or is green and that all we need is a green environment,,so peaceful and productive.....
I admired the fact that it was quiet there and that all my eyes could see was green trees, breath fresh air,,,,....for a moment it made me forget about the hooting in the city, the no space flats in the city especially when i observed of how scattered the houses seemed to be...and though life seemed to be difficult here due to the infrastructure still the quietness would buy me off..  
hey stop and just look around you, if there is a tree does it not give u shade?if flowers dont they make any place beautful??if grass on the gardens what do they do??
Dont we all need a green environment??

This is where we were actually one of the sites.....Engineers knows what am talking about..


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