Monday, December 23, 2013

Count down #2" poor personal branding"

Well they say good branding makes a big sell out..
So the question in my mind is how have i been branding my self this year???
How have i been connecting, networking this year??
Lets look through this in two aspects...

Personal profile..
As i went through my social network profiles one by one, reading keenly about me, i found that i have so little information but again it served the purpose, i mean why would i give so much information about me in the internet..
I just imagined if an employer or any other person looking for product "Me" would they take me basing on what is on my profile?
Well as the Bible says that whatever comes out of someone is what makes the have i been writing responsibly?most of the time yes but again i dont seem to convice myself that i have branded myself so well this that gives me a task in 2014 to present well all my personl profiles, keeping it on the core of my mind that as long as i am on this journey of life,as long as am fighting the battle of success i have to present my self as a product "ME"with quality, and brand myself creatively but honestly, customizing my profile to accomodate my strenghts which are my assets.

I have been very poor on networking...i  had a great opportunity this year to be around so many successful people whom i could connect and share ideas with but mostly did not take it as an opportunity instead i ignored and went ahead embracing my shyness and quiet out.
I have mostly dressed wrongly on occasions and i must say that have been wishing not to attend many meetings when they came and i was not ready because of my appearance.
Internet has been my bestfriend for 2013 but i cant say that i have added much value with it...i have been so lazy with it.
All i am trying to say here is that Networking is something that we all should look at...we need people around us to make it happen, we need to connect to others so that we can share what we have and what they have to make "a something" valuable...We need there experiences, we need their wits, and sometimes we need their guidance.
Improving your connection to people makes you closer to people and knowing so much, where to start to, who to help you on what, who to advise you on what and etc.
This calls to improve on your personal presentation, starting with how i dress, talk, relate with people, the words, and etc..
Let your 2014 be of good networking and connection..

Generally if i had someone marking my communication report for 2013 maybe i would get 30% score out of 100%...
So What to do...
Talk to God all the time and ask him to walk with me as he is the my owner and author of my life,the one who can paint anything beautiful in and on me.
Call my family regularly to check on them and make them not miss me...(they are the true friends who will always have my back...i believe in them....i believe any success to come starts with them and from them....
Communicate with my friends and not make them feel like i have abandoned them no matter the distance we are apart.
Improve on how i talk with people, which words, to whom, to where and at what moment, the tone and the reasoning behind.

To sum up these are the do's on personal branding 2014.....
  • Forgive your bosses oftenly,,sometimes they are not fair, dont hold grudges against them....
  • Look good all the time.
  • Wear a smile all the time
  • Stay professional all the time during working hours
  • Joke but in a good way
  • Be yourself all the time
  • Your profile should be a sell out..

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