Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A lecture from Michele...

Here are some 8 steps lecture freely given by her excellency how to guard your man....especilly when you are out in functions.

1.Watch him closely to see how he relates..628x471
2. Make sure to read his every move.
3. Sound your warning and leave him and the enemy in shock..ap_barack_obama_4_wy_131210_4x3_992
4. If he gets the hint let him be in peace..ARP3741789-1024x634
5. But if he forgets the rules as fast
6. Let him enjoy the final moments then strike..south-africa-mandela-memorial (1)
7. Occupy your rightful position..
8. Problem solved and everyone is happy..
Hahaa Niaje.u made my day..

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