Thursday, December 19, 2013

7 effects of smoking by pictures..

   #1..Sagging Skin and Wrinkles

A woman pinching skin.

#2.Lines and Wrinkles Around the Lips

A woman with lines around her lips smoking.

#3.Damaged Gums and Teeth

Photo of damaged teeth from smoking.


Cataracts of the eye.

#5.Heart Disease and ED

A photo of coronary artery.

#6.Oral Cancer
Oral cancer.

#7.Lung Cancer
Illustration of cancerous lung.

Please quit..
A woman breaking a cigarette in half.

Of course, giving up any addiction is difficult, but quitting smoking is possible. There are more former smokers (48 million) than current smokers (45 million) in the US. This means that quitting has worked for 48 million people! Your doctor can help recommend medications and other quitting strategies to help you succeed....

Uvutaji wa sigara ni hatari kwa afya yako.

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