Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 on Vessel.

My fingers dont know what to type
My mind is loaded and my head is aching....
Perhaps it is because i dont know what to write or where to begin writting.
2013 has been so good to me, yes in deed it was.
It was a year of success,a year of opportunities, a year of growth.
0n 31st December 2012 as i welcomed 2013, had so much hope, had so much expectation and i made a lot of to do list for 2013...
I had so much strength for 2013 and i believed that it was a year of change for me and that i would make a difference not only to my life but to others too.
I did not achieve everything i wanted but did manage to get things moving, i built foundation for other things to be achieved in 2014.
I made countless mistakes of which some i wish i would repair them, erase them and even forget about them.
But then these mistakes made me realise that i made mistakes...and that I was wrong.
However i would feel i comitted crime if i did not write this.
Socially, i have been very far from those who love me and i must admit that i have been so selfish, keeping myself far from others, have been poor in communication with my family, friends and even my neighbors, have been busy with life such that i forgot the social life.
I forgot that life starts at home, it starts with the family, it goes to the neighbors and spreads to the community, when we fail in maintaining this good relationships socially we are affected in all aspects of life.
I remember my dad asking several time when i call him like "za siku nyingi"and i must admit that i tore me apart and felt so bad...i mean who lets his/her parents miss him/her??
To my family, friends and those close to me, please do forgive me on this. Promise to be of value in 2014.
All in all
God has been so good to me, he never let me out of sight as much as i left him...
I nearly was knocked by a car in town today, but God spared my life...
His Grace was so sufficient as always.
And today as i count hours to 2014 i dont want to wish for anything but i just want to say "Thank you Jehover Yahwer for Life"...
I wish everyone a happy 2014...
Please if anyone feels like writing something inspiring of his/her life in 2013, share on my mail(camesh2718@gmail.com) so that i can publish it.
Thanks...and enjoy responsibly..


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