Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What the Bible Says about Money

I believe In the Word...I believe in Whatever is written in the Bible...
And i Believe that the Bible is not just a book.....but it is A holy book with everything that a human being needs for his life...

For Sean, the Bible is his FOUNDATION for investing.
He says the secret for his investing is the Bible.
Sean says it is this Biblical Money Code that took him from making a mere $15,000 a year to now giving away up to $50,000 a year. Sean also credits this code with helping him turn his father’s $40,000 retirement account into $396,000.
Certain investment titans, Sean says, such as Warren Buffett and John Templeton, have already used this code to amass billions.
Sean uses the teachings of King Solomon, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Apostle Paul to show how anyone can get out of debt . . . make sound investments . . . and morally build substantial wealth.
Sean even reveals a “debilitating ‘financial sin’ that blinds many . . . and could be costing you up to 41% of your life savings at this very moment.” What’s so deceiving about this sin is how innocent and safe it appears at first.
And at the end, he finishes up with his “12-12-12 plan for investing.” This is a simple step-by-step plan to go from being a saver, to an investor, to a philanthropist


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