Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hungry shoppers 'buy more calories'

Woman shopping 

The Question/Research
Have you ever stopped to think of what you buy when you go shopping on an empty stomach??
What are the things you likely pick to put in your basket?
Well it has been researched and looks like Hungry shoppers buy more weight(oops i mean more calories) and not more health,, i mean more food...(forgive my tongue...had a hot tea that burned it,,,seems to forget what to say...,, blame it on my hands too..
The Solution...
Well simple thing to do Avoid going to the supermarket when you're very hungry, as you're more likely to buy unhealthy food like crisps and sweets including dairy products, snacks and red meat.
The Tip..
"Any time you go shopping, make sure you grab an apple to eat on the way."

Just think about it..

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