Thursday, May 2, 2013


According to the early Roman calendar,
May was the third month. Later, the ancient Romans used january 1 for the beginning of their year, and May became the fifth month. May has always had 31 days.

Several stories are passed around to show how the month of May was named.
The most widely accepted explanation is that it was named for Maia, the Roman goddess of spring and growth.Her name related to a Latin word that means increase or growth.

Why May is special
  • May is of of the most beautiful months of the year. Mother's Day was first observed in 1908. It was designated by Presidential proclamation, and was recognized officially by Congress and the President in 1914. It is celebrated in honor of Mothers on the second Sunday of May
  • May 1 is the international workers day, where by the human efforts in building his/her nation are recognized.. one among the days which every worker can use to know/review about his/her rights May this month of May be a successful month for you.
May this month of May bring you happyness
May this month bring awareness to you
May this month be an alerting point for you to review your yearly goals as we are approaching the mid year month
Thumbs up to may.

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