Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shuledirect ya Faraja Kota.

Congz Faraja kwa hii akili....
Tukiwa katika dunia ya utandawazi, je mwenzangu unatumiaje akili yako ifaidike na advantages za utandawazi?au ndo kusocialize na kuongeza idadi ya marafiki??(hiyo nayo ni faida ati)...
Well let us check out Idea ya Faraja Nyalandu(aliyewahi kua miss Tanzania)
Inaitwa Shule Direct
. So this is an internet forum for tanzanian students where they can meet online and study, it is like an online school, with teachers who are qualified and proffesionally available to assist students in their studies.
Books will also be available...
Students have the opportunity to do discussions, do quizes there and even chat with each other,,,in short i can say they can connect from different locations and impact each other on knowledge....(eish hivi wale vichwa wa makabati,,hii mnaeza iita e commerce eeh??,,,)
And the ministry of education has given its blessings to this forum..
Haya wale wenye wadogo zenu, naongea na sidanganyiki level(form I to form IV), please inform them to register themselves.
This is what i call thinking outside the box, this is what everyone should be doing, we have the internet(to simplify our work), lets do the thinking and let us make people benefit from it us we benefit from it too..
Masaa unayotumia internet hua unafanyaje eti???(mimi nakuaga fb,watsup, twitter na Googling..hehheh we je???tubadilike..
Big up mama Nyalandu...
Am inspired

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