Monday, April 29, 2013

Personality vs handwritting.....????

Assessing handwriting

From France nkpata hii..
According to Catharine Bottiau, one of France's best-known practitioners, it is delusional to imagine that graphologists actually make decisions about who gets what job.

Normally we are consulted once the client has already drawn up a shortlist of candidates. Then the candidates will be asked to write a motivational letter, using their own handwriting.

"We will examine the letters, and offer our advice. Usually this will tend to confirm the impressions already gleaned from interviews, the CV, personality tests and so on.

The basic principle is that the act of writing reveals personality. To study graphology is to study the energy that guides the hand, and the message which - unconsciously as well as consciously - the person wants to convey."

I have no idea how it works, but to me it is obvious: the handwriting of a marketing guy is not the same as the handwriting of a sales guy, which is not the same as the handwriting of an artist or of an accountant at Deloittes...
Hivi like serious, recruiters wakianza kuchagua watu kwa kupitia miandiko,,wangapi watapita au wangapi wangekua na positions walizonazo leo?...
Hahha,,, it is like m looking at someone's handwritting na siezi acha gf,, fudongo fudongo anamwandiko funny mpka i cant tell.....hhaha(gf please forgive me)....look who is laughing,,,najaribu kutoa kibanzi akati....ehehhe...


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