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Movie review- Viva Riva....

Viva Riva,, a 2011 movie but one acted so well...
Never imagined to see this from congo, am used to their music but not films..
I read and here so many things about Congo, would not judge em by this film,,but at some clips it is easy to see the life in Kinshansa..
The actor name is Patsha Bay...
Some review about him and the movie...

Who: Patsha Bay Mukuna is a Congo-born singer and star of the Kinshasa-set film, Viva Riva!. He was selected by director, Djo Tunda Wa Munga to play the physically-demanding role of small-time Congolese gangster, Riva, despite Mukuna having no screen acting experience. The film opens with Riva returning home to the capital of Congo after a decade away — rolling in with a truckload of hijacked gasoline that’s worth a fortune, since Kinshasa is out of fuel — but closely pursued by his old Angolan gang that he stole the gas from.

 The city of Kinshasa, and the experience of shooting Viva Riva! on the streets there.
Whoa, this is a great city. This is a great city. I think in Kinshasa you can find many things that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Like, you come in Kinshasa, you can see a church here, and just next to the church you have a bar, a pub. So, it’s just an amazing city, and when you arrive to Kinshasa the first thing that you’re gonna have is people are very social there. Yeah, and when you’re in Kinshasa, even if you get lost, you always have someone to tell you where you have to go. So, it’s a very kind people, and it’s a a very safe place to be I think actually. But the politics is not really going like people want, yeah, but I think that is gonna change. That’s why we try, with the culture, to export the image of the country outside. Then, other countries can see what we are able to do in Congo, even though the politics is a little bit down — but the culture is there.

There’s no place like Kinshasa to shoot this film. I think if the film was shooting in another city, there would be another feeling. Maybe a good feeling, but I think that Kinshasa has a particular feeling, and the director just made the right choice. Because, you know, I think there’s only three foreign actors in the movie. One, the girl Nora, she’s from France. And Cesar, the bad guy, he’s from Angola but he lives here in U.S.A. And I’m a Congolese, and all the other actors are Congolese. So when you’re Congolese and you want to do a Congolese film, I think it’s easy to show people how we live in our real life. Because it’s just like asking me to do an Angolan film. I can do it, but maybe I will not have the real feeling that Angolan people got.

Tell me about the Kinshasa nightlife and gas shortages that play such a big role in Viva Riva!
You know, in Kinshasa people love to dance, love partying. So, when you have a club you’re just a rich man, because when you have a club you’ve got too much people who come in there because they love to dance. And in Kinshasa, you can see in the club, you can see some people come in and just waste money. They can just come and waste too much money in the club buying champagne. And you see, you can come in Kinshasa, and for one night you can spend — some people — just come, and can spend more than $5,000 in the club just to drink and to have fun(heee...seriously...,,na hivi wanapendaga sifa..). So, that’s why I think it’s a good business for people who have got clubs there

How important is the success of Viva Riva! to how the world views Congolese films and actors?
You know, our country is a big country, but we don’t have ambassadors who can really show that there is something to say in the Congo. There is some talents, and there is too much potentiality to do a good job there. But I think I’m an optimist, and I think with the film Viva Riva!, we’re just starting a way to become the next future big star of the Congo in cinema.
I want to do other films. Because as I told you, I think that I’m in love with the cinema actually, because it was just a good and a great experience. And I think that I have quality to do some more films. I’m just looking forward to having some other castings, and I have a chance to do some other films. Why not here in Hollywood? Why not?

Nice one..

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