Friday, March 1, 2013

The best of the life....

Nina miaka kadhaa hapa duniani, na kwa kipindi ambacho Mungu kanipa uhai,nimekosea scenes nyingi, natamani sometimes kudelete yale niliyoyakosea lakini makosa hayo yamenifunza ifuatavyo... 

Life itself is a school.
Everyday is an experience.
No one, absolutely no one knows everything and has everything.
We are all in a learning institution,
And we must admit that we have different capacities in understanding.
Be careful with your steps.
Live your life like a movie that you would want to watch over and over again. not the one you will want to foward each scene, but rather let it be the one you will want to rewind each scene..

Happiness is a choice.
Be content and happy with whatever you have, dont look on what others have and compare, you will be disapointed and covet.

Learn to take responsibilities when things dont go well.
Forget about blaming others for your misfortunes...Someone hurted you?yes dont blame him/her, remember it was your responsbility to make sure you are not hurt,you allowed yourself into it.

Learn not to count on promises from human beings.
No one is perfect, absolutely no one?not even a single person....nada.
People are good at promising when they want something, or when they are happy, sad, desperate or even when they cant see beyond it.(I always put promises as a probability with 10%)...

Learn to forgive and letting go./dont hold grudges.
Forgiving gives you a light heart, a free soul and you are at peace with everyone.

Learn to accept the impossibles.
You fell inlove with someone and they did not love you back,well my dear ACCEPT it and wish them luck and let them go.Kila mtu alizaliwa na wake ampendae, dont force it.
Dont struggle to make people love you, rather be a loveble person that people can love naturally and enjoy being with you.

Be honest enough.
Be genuine, dont fake it, dont be plastic.

When you have the opportunity to love, give the best of you such that no one, absolutely no one can ever regret having you in their lifes.

Count on your blessings Zero one by one....
I am counting mine..
One Love...
I laugh,i do crazy things and i apprecite every second of ma life..... kisses for you..
Am a pixholic and i do crazy stuffs kwa camera..but it is my way to have"fun"oops yes it is...

Nawatakia Week end njema...
Love is my home...

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