Monday, March 25, 2013

The 7 Minute Mental Workout

The 7 minute mental workout is referred to as such because it literally takes the average person about 7 minutes – during which you shift your whole mindset for the day – so it is something that should ideally be done daily…

It works like this:

Take a decent size piece of paper – and draw a line down the middle..
On the left hand side, write down everything in your life that is currently not as you want it to be.
 Problems, shortcomings, things that lack – everything that is wrong or could be improved upon.
On the right hand side of the paper, write down the ideal outcome to every one of these items.
However, be specific – remember that manifestation responds to specifics, and that it is also easier to work towards a target when you know what you are aiming for.
Once you have completed both side of the list, tear off the left hand (negative) portion. Tear it up into small pieces and throw it away. Once you do this, you will already feel a sense of having taken control.
Read the positive remarks – the right hand side of the piece of paper – out loud to yourself. Once done, fold it up, and put it into your wallet or purse. Whenever you get the chance later on in the day (preferably more than once), take it out again and read it to yourself.
Repeat at night before you go to bed.
The initial exercise takes about 7 minutes to execute for the average person – not counting the additional time spent reading it later on during the day.
Surely you can afford yourself 7 minutes per day?
Your future is worth it. You will be surprised at the immediate sense of control it gives you..


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