Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nancy Sumari na Nyota Yako...

Big up to Nancy Sumari on her new book "Nyota Yako"
I love what and how Nancy does her things..
She is one among the few women in Tanzania i look for an example...
She has the same passion of writting as me, ye kafika level nyingine....
Congzzz Nancy...
Picha kwa hisani ya 8020Fashion,..
                            Some cuppycakes for the partcipants...gues they were very sweet.

                 this was the inside decoration


I love the "kilemba" ..Mrs Nyalandu

wadada, young mama's who still have mantained their girl'ness in them..."i mean the look"

                           Giving out her book


Cant wait for my two novels to reach this level she has reached for her book...
Gues am getting more Energy to want to finish my two books..


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