Monday, March 25, 2013


Good morning my people...
It is always nice to start your day with God....
Monday is a delicate day, it is better handled well and started nicely...
I have some three tweets with Bible verses today that wanna share with you..

What Jesus Says@What_Jesus_says43m
If you don't forgive people, you Father won't forgive your mistakes - Matthew 6:15(start with your day with forgiveness, it will free your soul and you will be at peace with everyone...)
In Your Bible@InYourBible44m
They’ll see the Son of man coming in a cloud with ability and great power - Luke 21:27(I love imagining how Jesus will descend and come take us, am praying that i will be among those who will witness his coming...i dont want to miss this..keep this in mind and be good to everyone..)
Bible: Psalms@BIBLE_Psalms1h
[God’s Laws are] more desirable than gold, yes, more than much refined gold - Psalm 19:10(if you abide in his laws, being a good person, having a pure heart will not be a difficult thing for you. Be asured that everything will be perfect by your side)
Nice Monday to everyone.

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