Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Congzz to my dear Paul and Scola...

This goes to my bestfriend and her fiance Paul.
I personally take this chance to congratulate you for that step you have taken in your life.

naona siku hiyo goti liliweza kupigwa.
Simple and nice, with lots of love..

Dear Scola,
You have been a good girl althroughout and you deserve every second of your life to be happy.
Am sure where you stepping is the right place.
You trully blessed my twin,.

Dear Paul,
You have been an amazing boyfriend to my bestfriend, you have always shown her how much she means to you.
True love is what i have always seen in your eyes when you look at her, when with her, in her absence, you have been stable since the first day she came to your life,
To me i call you her hero.
I see my bestfriend was lucky to date a boy by then who is a man..
From what i know the guys in the same age as you still count themselves as "too young to marry", i call them boys, and i call you "A MAN", because you proving not afraid of taking responsibilities a head of you.
You know the challenges ahead but you ready to kill the lion without a sword...Congzz my dear Poo(usinisahau mi mke mdogo eeh, si unajua tenaa

Am so happy for you two and am praying for the rest events to come to go well...,
I know i missed this event and did not contribute anything in making it happen, but will do my best for the other events to be there.
Please accept my apologies..


Nawapenda sana..


  1. Aww candy ur such a Darlin....u presented it well...u have super twin scho an our mchuchu poo....

    Let od bless their marriage...Amen!

    1. Dear Eclat,this is the least i could to say how much i appreciate em...
      Wishin em ol da best...

    2. Dear Eclat,this is the least i could to say how much i appreciate em...
      Wishin em ol da best...

  2. Awwwii congrats my dear scola,all the best,much love to u dear from india,ur young sisy best friend.

  3. wooow..ndo naiona hii leo,Candy ur such an angel to Schola and Schola nakutakia kila la kheri katika safari nzima ya kuelekea maisha mapya!