Monday, March 25, 2013


Am looking foward to have the most beautful week(am projecting it that way, basing on how today went)..,
I know when it comes to my work, its gonna be a tight week,,,damn the numbers have to balance, ( i kind of feel like am going to an Account exam composed by lecturer Siasa...Watoto wa Ud wale vilaza kama mimi wanajua wat i mean here....)hahaha...mi sio kilaza banaaa...

I had a tough day but one of the best pia..
Thank you all who showered me with some love today...this goes to my friends(all who dropped an in box on social media),,Eclat you owe me an inbox!!!!
My young sister, my sweetie cuppy cake, Minza...happy to get your inbox...u know i miss you more than u bby gal..
And to that friend of mine of skype,,thanks u were missed...
Ofcourse sijweza kuzuia kusmile,,

I always recognize and appreciate the little things people do for me.
They mean alot to me, they make me happy..
wonder if others feel the same as me.
Let mi share my smile with you..

with love..

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