Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine preparations

Was just wondering, like how many times is someone supposed to fall inlove
Have you ever tried to ask yourself that question??
Wengine watasema mara kumi..
They say that you will never know when you falling inlove until when you completely in it.
But then how do you know that you are inlove?
Is it when you cannot stop thinking about someone? is it when you ready to do anything for someone? or is it when you feel like you cannot live without someone?
Someone tell me if that is love...

Well it is february
Wanasema ni mwezi wa mapenzi...not me saying, just heard it somewhere,, dont ask me where!!!
The colour of the week is red,,
And more over watu wanaumiza kichwa tayari wafanye surprise gani kwa wale wawapendao..
Thank God am in a stressfree zone"single and ready to mingle""haha,, vaa mawani kama huoni.

Well Valentine's day is coming.
I define it as one of the important special dates that reminds us on Love.
Love to our partners, love to our friends, love to our families and love to the world at large..
We should always love and stay connected...

Make  difference in this valentines day,
As much as you are thinking of celebrating it, just make 1% provision of what you will spend and give it to one orphanage or to someone really in need.
Think of these people who are helpless and need of your help.

Coming to the ones ready to mingle,,
It is your time to shine like a diamond,
Since you do not have someone, buy a gift for one orphan or widow and let her be your valentine on that day.

kwa wale wanaopenda surprise,,,be careful as someone might introduce you to their really bf/gf..

Otherwise,, for those loveble that day.
For those not inlove then mingle and get someone to love you(but be careful, not to hug the wind)
tuwakumbuke wazazi wetu pia.........

To my secret admirers,, nangoja dhawadi dhenuuu...
Counting on them,,,Msiniangushe....sawa eeh..



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