Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time Strugglers!!!

I Have been so quiet...
I missed writting,,,
I missed my readers.,,,
My hands got anxious and couldnt wait to write anything, just anything..
My work was so demanding for the past few days, never gave me  break or time to come here and write something,,but am back with full energy...

Today as i sat down on my desk,,i took a minute to think of what i will do today, i had a list of things to do for this week but had not sorted which one to start with for today,, i took along time planning and dividing the list of jobs to do mong the four days that i have.
It took my time.
Then i poped in to read my outlook mails and responded to them
There was a text and different phone calls which i had to attend to.
Then popped to my skype to answer some msgs
Popped in facebook for updtates and went on with my chores.

But this question came in my head??
Am i really using time wisely?

Most of the time,, majority of us dont keep time and we find ourselves at the end of the day with loads of unfinished works because we did poor planning and bad usage of the greatest resource "TIME"...
Infact Facebook was not  necessity in my program,, that minute or minutes that i pop in in facebook counts greately,, imagine spending 15 minutes everyaday in fcebook, in five days you have 75 minutes, means losing 1 hour and 15minutes every working hours days in a week just doing something unprofitable of which for  wise planner would rather spend that one during the time going home or when at home and free.(am not saying facebook is bad but be time counscious)..

Next plan well for ur activities on your free time before getting to the office nd spending many minutes allocting tasks on days you have.

Reduce the bluffing and nonprofitable talks or stories at work.
If it is joking, joke once and be serious,,
If were not blessed with a serious face then come borrow mine,,,it will serve you well.



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