Monday, February 18, 2013

Live your life...

Someone said that life should be nice and soft..
But is it that way always?
What is life?

Life is a journey, a journey which is not smooth or straight.
Though others would say life is sweet" i would rather say partially sweet, not always"
I gues everyone has to go through some rough paths to reach where they are.
We all have different blocks that we must meet as we travel this journey called life..
We are sometimes judged by how we are able to deal with these stumbling blocks, and mostly we have three choices, either to face them and find a solutio, ignore /bypass them or diverging from them of which will not help in anyway...

When we are broken and have no strength to walk further,what are we to do?stop and seat to wait for help?give up??
No is an answer i would give to that question.
Dont ever give up on anything in life that you know you have to hold
You have to be stronger than before, wiser than before and even aim higher as you see it through and make sure to achieve that target that you had set before and ofcourse Pray..God always is there to help.(USE THE P.U.S.H--PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS.)
You have to be patient.,patient with yourself, patient with God's reply.

Dont look on others and make a reference for life.
You do not have any idea, of how much they had to pass through to be where they are, neither do you know the content of what they have achieved.
Do your best, to live your life, make your life and be happy with what you achieve and if you think something is pulling you back then dont accept to be defeated..
Some people will look down on you and try to make you feel small, be humble, ignore them and concetrate on being the best you.
We are all racing to win that medal called"Sucess in life"..
All the best as you live you life..


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