Friday, February 15, 2013

Hugging the Wind..

If i bet, if i cry will it change the sky today or tomorrow?
There are times when the only wish you have is to change situations or turn them around to your best interest.
You wish to sleep and dream of the good that would be true the next day although you know it well what you are wishing for is impossible...Stop chasing the wind...

There are moments when that back side of your brain is telling you to stop taking that direction.
You know it well that whatever you are doing has an end and it is going to leave you broken, but you keep moving anyway.
You keep telling your self"Enjoy the moments you have now and ignore about what will happen tomorrow"
It is like making a wrong turn on the road when you not sure where the police will be standing.."you will obviolusly end up in trouble when the wind is already so far from where you are standing...

Is it just human nature of letting things happen because we belive that life is short and we are afraid that if we dont take chances then will let go off the only time we  have to be happy even if we know that it will be just for a short while.
What is the best way to live life?...Complicated eeh??

We all know that living a lie at the end hurts us.
We all know that working hard to be where you do not belong is equal to zero.
We all know that claiming to have what was never yours is like hugging a wind..
As a human being the only thing to do is clinging unto God and asking him to give you strength to know when to say YES and when to say NO..
To know where to stand even if everything in you is telling you to tke one more step ahead.
Let your head do the thinking, dont let your feelings do the thinking or else you will be struggling hard to hug the wind...!!!!and believe you wont catch it...

Nice day..

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