Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Bday my BFF Schola...

To my bff and my twin Schola,,,

On this, your special day
Not quite your 26th,I think of all you mean to me
And try to find the words I’ll write about the enemies
Of distance and of time
Of how we seem to beat them
I think of all the good and bad times that we have shared
The adventures we’ve already had
And those still yet to do,I think of all the secrets shared
Through more than five years
The joys and inside jokes
And a fair amount of tears You never fail to make me laugh
And rarely make me cry
It only seems to happen when
We have to say goodbyeAnd so on this, your special day
I look back on all we’ve done
On everything we’ve shared
The laughter and the funI think of all I wish for you
A wish without an end
A wish that all of yours come true
For you, my best friend and I Love you so much....

My bff on one of her big day....

My beautful twin,,,bff..

We shared some unforgatable smiles and hugs....

On Schola's big day...

Schola,Cay and u girls..

Someone was busy gossiping...
wamama shugulii tukiwa kazini...
Bff cant wit for your Ubwabwa...ntakunywa thoda mimi..

At hostel..
Thanks Poo for bng a nice photographer...

Innocent faces at the sloon door ready for Ubwabwa somewhere

She loves me...
A year ago...

 Well twinnie,,
Enjoy to the maximum...

Happy bday once again...
Love you..

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