Monday, February 18, 2013


Was just wondering, do people have to make news out of someone who is gone.
Is is it really fare to continue digging deep on her private issues?
Is it worthy it..?
Are we really concerned about other people's feelings..
Well i dont know but let mi share what made me write this..

I was married to Nigeria's Goldie, says Briton

A British man claiming to be the husband of the late Nigerian musician Goldie Harvey has posted pictures of their wedding sparking a heated debate in the cyberspace.
Goldie, who died on Thursday in Nigeria, was widely known to be the girlfriend of controversial Kenyan musician Prezzo.
But on Friday, Andrew Harvey uploaded 58 pictures of him and Goldie as “Memories of my Darling wife; A few pictures of my Time with Susan (Goldie) Harvey before her untimely passing”.
He says the two held a traditional wedding on December 8, 2005 and a church wedding two days later.
The pictures show Goldie in a wedding gown alongside Mr Harvey. There are also private pictures of the Nigerian as a child.
Mr Harvey blasted Prezzo in a separate posting. “Prezzo, please leave our family to grieve in peace. You have caused enough hurt and pain,” he wrote.
During the recording of Churchill Show last Tuesday, the Kenyan musician had announced plans to meet Goldie on Thursday for a Valentine’s date.
Their relationship started last year when they were housemates in the continent-wide reality show, Big Brother Africa Star Game. They have spent time together since the show ended.
It was not immediately clear why Mr Harvey, now a senior contracts engineer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, chose to remain quiet all the while.
Prezzo was also married to Daisy Kiplangat but the two have since separated. They have a daughter named Zahrie Bhoke.
The late Nigerian musician Goldie Harvey and Prezzo in this file photo. A British man claiming to be the husband of the late musician February 15, 2013 posted pictures of their wedding sparking a heated debate in the cyberspace. FILE
             prezzo vs Goldie..

Goldie vs Husband..

An interview with one of the .com's
When did you wed her? And were you still married as at when she passed yesterday?
We wed in December 2005 and were very much married when she passed indeed I was talking to her on arrival in Lagos before the fateful event
I see you moved back to England. Do you have another family?
I work in Malaysia, we have a private home in UK, I do not have a second family
Also did you have kids together?
No kids, we were planning this year

There had been speculation for many years that she was married to an ‘oyinbo’ man. But no one could lay hands on anything. Why did you keep it a ‘secret’? Our private life is nothing to do with work life, there has to be a balance

Wonder why u named yourself Goldie..
It sounds like you were a gold to someone and to your funs too.

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