Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Things that we normaly Ignore....

I most of the time give my self good advices that i seldomly follow...
I have like three diaries full of pieces of wisdom, do's, dont's, principles and boundaries but i see that i hve ignored them most of the time.
At times i go through life getting good counsel about what is best for me and then ignore it.
No matter how inteligent you are at some point you pay for an advice and fail to act on it.

Lets share some best  mysterious most ignored advices...
....WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL BAD, DO LESS OF;form loving relationships and achieve optimal health.
Most of the times we do things that make us feel bad at the end, and there is always that kavoice inside like" i hard a bad day;i deserve this bottles of beer" and then you go along singing the Diamonds's song "Nataka kulewa"..after you done, is when u start saying, i shouldnt have drunk, i dont like drinking..
We were all born with a certain capacity  for suffering and joy for a reason, so that we can navigate the world and fight any bad thing.
The emphasis is on how something leaves you feeling not on how you imagine it will make you feel.
Simply choose things that add up to your life...

.....TO ACHIEVE BIGGER GOALS,, TAKE SMALLER STEPS..It turns out that the tiny steps approach applies to any difficult thing, from career, schoolwork and even to parenthood...The bigger the work the smaller the the steps, cut steps in half, then half again until each step feels easy and between steps give yourself a reward- nothing big,,maybe  just a glass of juice, or spoil youself a liltle bit.
Example if you find it hard going to a gym or exercising, start by 5 minutes just jumping up and down day one, second day go an extra mile stretching hand and increase 10 minutes, end of the week u good to go..

.....LIE DOWN AND REST FOR A is said many who complain of depression, anxiety and weight gain are actually chronically tired. The problems caused by lack of rest can feel so intricate, but the solution is so simple...Lie down and rest.

......TRY TELLING THE TRUTH TO PEOPLE...the truth sets you free always...
No matter what the truth might be about political views, movie preferences, etc..calmly expressing it cuts a clear path through the jungle of social connection.
I mean you do not need to lie that you went to the hospital for treatment at night hours while you really went clubing..and then more questions comes and gooosh you got to be a smart lier and know how to mantain the lie..kind tangles you and makes you uncomfy...

......FREE YOURSELF FROM DYSFUNCTIONAL PEOPLE...Stay the heck away from the idea " making someone do, feel or think anything" this is not your job..Your job is to maximise your own happyness, kindness and health. Let others choose whether to follow.
You have already  hd enough experience to know when a situation, a person or task is bad for you.
Remember how much it hurt  the last time and choose one that feels better now.
Take small steps, lying down often along the way. Tell the truth and keep your own business.

See how it takes you to wonderland...



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