Friday, January 11, 2013


The swazi candle shop,,,,
Am never a fun of candles but this shop made me fall for candles.
I never knew that candles can make such a beautful decoration as this.

Swazi Candles is actually a mini tourist village with several shops, a cafe, and an outdoor craft market. I’m sure it has another name but I prefer calling the whole place as Swazi Candles. .

Took some few pictures to share with you as my camera's battery was dying,was also able to find this other pictures on Summers' blog of this candle world so thankful for her,,,

Beautifully back-lit penguin and owl candles, for sale at Swazi Candles.
 Swaziland is special. There are several unique craft centres there and Swazi Candles is  defintely one of the knockouts craft centre in Swaziland. I’ve managed to go there this time and i did not buy anything(not because there was nothing to buy was not in my budget"we accounting people count and budget for everything!!!LOL!!!,, but m promising myself that next time will buy some nice  candles as this....

Different coloured elephants candles.
Elephant and giraffe candles. These are two of the most popular animals, but they make every animal you can imagine.
The candles are all handmade in a workshop attached to the store. No two candles are exactly alike. I was lucky to find the staffs at Swazi Candles in the workshop doing the work and got an opportunity to see the whole process only that i did not manage to get the video to share with you here. But you can read about the process on the Swazi Candles website if you interested.
A little turtle candle cools off in the water bucket.
If you go to Swazi Candles, be sure to check out the sale room in the back. You can find old or slightly flawed candles for 20-40% off.
A woman weaving baskets in the back room at Swazi Candles.
This is what a Swazi candle looks like once it’s been burning for a while.
There are a few other shops at Swazi Candles, one of them is Rosecraft. Rosecraft sells lovely scarves and other textiles made of mohair. Most of the items for sale are out of my price range, but I enjoyed looking around.
Scarves with different colors

Nice Friday,,,
Love is my home..


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