Saturday, December 8, 2012


I have always loved art and the works of art.
I have always found myself following up very closely the works of art and even as i grew up I loved English language as a subject, especially on writting compositions.
I thank my primary teacher for leading a way for me

Art is my passion, my hobby and i feel it is part of my life.
A day cant pass without me writting something or even telling myself a story and i normally cant stop interviewing Candy!!!!

Well am fascinated with the new series""SIRI YA MTUNGI""
I have not watched it but am following it up very closely at the its website.
I must say it will be amazing just from the characters who will play in it and the producers who have other films like "'Neria, More Time,Yellow Card, Chumo"'which are among my favourite films...

Lulu Cheche Mtungi Cheusi Mtungi
these three heads are my favs!!!

And here is the story

""When a big family faces tough challenges, some fall apart and some triumph over what life throws at them.
Siri ya Mtungi’s cast of colourful characters, related by blood or marriage, or simply by love, make up a community that is inspired by love, brought down by fear, superstition and betrayal, lifted by comedy and joy, and strengthened by the intimate bonds of family and friendship.
It’s a story of relationships won and lost. ""

The shows starts tomorrow 9th on ITV at 2130hrs!!!
Am not planning to miss it.

Infact am dreaming for one day to have something like this
if not then to promote such works...
Dreaming to work with Media for Development International,,....
Kwani ukweli uko kwamba,,,Siri ya mtungi aijuae ni kata,,,
Na siri ya kazi kama hizi wanajua watu wapendao sanaa..
Na utamu wake upo pale unaweza fatilia kwa ukaribu hizi kazi!!!

Love, Love

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