Friday, November 9, 2012

tHE sCARED Candy

I came from work feeling so tired after the long day.
I was relieved that it had come to an end and as i walked to my house
my body was aching and longing for my comfort zone"MY BED"
Just the feeling that today is friday made my heart dance with joy yes i said to myself
TGIF!!!!Let the weekend begin, i mean who hates friday???
Me going to sleep tomorrow oooh and no waking up early(WHAT A SHAME COZ I KNOW I GOT GO TO CHURCH)

  "living in a foreign country is something interesting but sometimes very difficult
tenaa especially when people around there dont speak the universal language"Kidhungu?English"
It is more difficult and boring for people like me who do not bother so much
to find information of how things go in this country like how do they celebrate their public holydays?
what are the laws of the country? what are the rights of a citizen and non citizens...

Here is the story now'

Was in a deep sleep by 12:01 a.m, and by then was enjoying my time in dreamland
only to be awakened by some bombs like shooting or gun shots allover the town,, at first i thought
i was dreaming, only to open my eyes and ears to confirm that indeed i heard it correctly it was not a dream.
i couldn't breathe or move an arm, i felt  paralysed and my mind send me a signal that
the men who work at midnight hours"thugs" are at work in my street, i felt like there were coming closer to my gate... and eventhough it is very cold over here was sweating allover..
I gathered courage and managed to come out of the bed while i said a little prayer as i opened my window curtain to check outside only to get more scared as i saw the flames of the shootings from the sky.
I walked to the next room that is situated near the gate, opened the curtain to make sure tha tmy house gate is safe, and indeed there was no one,, i continued praying while the shootings continued to be even harder and faster,, it seemed like they were coming closer...
Then i thought of calling my mum as she makes me feel safe but what could she do with this miles away from me??would i not scare her???
Was damn sCARED, i only had J.E.S.U.S to turn to and i prayed over and over calling out his name, then i went to my bathroom and decided to call my colleague who is a citizen in this country and asked her if she heard of the shootings since we live near.

OMG only to find out that it was a public holyday and those were fireworks done by the municipal city as a way of celebrating and welcoming the day!!!!
Ouh poor me,, how could i forget this?even after seeing all the posters intown
Felt like the biggest idiot!!!!
I had to laugh all aloud,,, laugh at myself!!!!
Now cannot even sleep again and here comes the big rain,,,,,

I have just learned my lesson.
Information and news is something that i have to make effort to know and search
it is not something that i have to wait and let it come by itself.
It is always nice to be informed and full of knowledge especially of what is going on in your surrounding and the place where you live.
It is important to know the cultures and traditions of  the foreign country that you live and even on those you do not live as it will help you interact without having to worry that  you on the wrong side.

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