Sunday, October 7, 2012


It is another new day,,
The sun is already burning while it is still so early.
Looks like we are having Rain Sun!!!amazing eaah??
..It is sunday...
Can imagine people are rushing to the church especially those sleepy bums like Candy.

...Well today my head feels so empty..Imagine!!!
Then there my mum calls and we talk for quite a while and as we come to the end of our conversation cant help smlying,,,you know why???
She gives me a reason to smile and getting a morning call from her really wakes me up and brightens my day.
She reminds me that she loves me and she thinks of me always.
You know just to think about it aint Mummies so special to us???
What can we really do without them??? 
Well to me my mum is my bestfriend and one only person who can never get tired of me regardles of what i do, i just feel that she can never give up on me and she cannever abandon me in any situation,she is always there trying her best to find solution for me when am searching for one.
She is one person who has insticts on me when am in trouble or when i really need a shoulder to cry on and though at times i dont tell her everything am going through she seems to know and try stay closer.

We should always love and cherish our mum's for they go through alot just to see us growing well and having that good life.
...and especially in our African culture where women are oppressed ....
We should do our best to represent them in the society through honorable and acceptable characters,
Just like the way they are giving us alot, we should make that effort to give our best to them..

......Me grateful for my mum.......


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  1. mums are amazing and very loving, imagine what they go through just to bring smiles upon our faces and giving us hopes when we reeealy need a kick to move on, i love all the mothers who cares, and for those who doesn't..... mmmhm well am praying for them.
    well said candy, hope you will be a good mum too, learning from your mother i guess.

    but,,,,still dont forget that fathers plays a big role too, but that is for another time, lets stick with mums for now.