Saturday, October 6, 2012

I feel NEW....

So i woke up today with a new mood.
Tuned to RTM and ouh my!!!! It is exactly what i needed.
It is praise tym and you know what the song was??????
....... It was Shine Jesus shine, feel my heart with the fathers Glory...."
Well am not a good singer but i really love singing and i really enjoying singing in my frog/crocodiles voice!!!hahahah!!!
    Yes when it comes to singing for my Lord it doesnt matter much of how my voice sounds, and beside that what i hear in my ears is a beautful voice like "Flora Mbasha's" even better than hers.. hahhaahha!!!! thats Caylicious!!!
Few more songs came up and i played cool listening and trying to capture one word after another.
Trying to turn my bedroom into a concert house with Me being the main Audience..

   WELL!!WELL!!! After praise i tuned to Emmanuel Tv to get my bread of life from Prophet TB Joshua's STANDARD THE LIFE"
.....this is what i got and will put it by how it is stored in memory...

We live in a world where we care much about how and what people see in us, such that we let them colonize us, we copy what everyone seems to do and most of us mantain a fake life just to please those around us.
We spend so much time judging and pointing fingers to others and even trying to ask so many questions when we see someone prospering, we tend to judge them by their past and of how we know them.(Ina maana hukutaka mwenzio anyanyuke alipo na awe juu???,, Be happy for the success of another person.

We cannot make a difference in our life if we continue to copy and be like everyone and mostly giving in to whatever the world wants us to be,(Tusiwe bendera fuata upepo!!!)

As children of God we should be able to know where we came from and why we are here on earth, let God be the center of everything(and nothing will ever shake you, not even silly comment "You are ugly" will sound bad in your ear as long as you know yourself.

 Act with God to be unique!!!

I choose to be Me and to be grateful with what god has given me.



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