Tuesday, October 9, 2012

GoodMorning World

Goodmorning world!!!!
Yes it is another new day,,,Tuesday..
Waking up early in the morning is one of the things that i dont like,,
Because to me my sleep becomes more loving and comfortable starting from
5. a.m,that is when i most of the time wake up to pull up my blanket after sleeping the whole night without it and i normally check the clock to see what time it is..
If it were my own rules i would sleep upto when my sleep is saturated,,
Yes i mean i would sleep until when i feel sleeping no more and gues that time would be
10.00 a.m!!! Lazy girl eeeh???

But well as much as i would want to paint this beautful idea to be acceptable by everyone,
I cannot bring myself to agree with it deeply down my heart,, YOU KNOW WHY???
"Waking up early in the morning is healthy and gives you enough time to prepare yourself
well for the day. You wont be rushing, you wont be desperate of being late at any place that you are
required to be(be it school, work, Market, etc)
 By waking up early you will be able to be on time with everything.
when you are on time, your mind will be relaxed and you are able to think clearly
 and with no hurry,you are able to make correct decisions.
It is always good to start your day with a relaxed mind that has no worries or fears,
My Mum has always tried to make us understand that in her house everyone has to wake up
as early as possible, I used to see this as a punishment and i would really curse myself why am
back at home coz it was better of at school where at least weekends i would sleep till i "drop"(hahaha not right word enha, i love it tht way).
And immediately when she left for work, everyone would go back to sleep..(Hahahha my sisters Dianah,Jackie,Maggie and Minza own this little secret,, so today i said it out)...

But her point was to teach us to be early birds coz really in life you cannot achieve anything by sleeping, YOU HAVE TO BE AWAKE!!! coz the only time that your mind is clear and can think well and give you greatest ideas is Just right after waking up before you engage yourself into any other activity. This can happen when you have 60 minutes of reading the word of God,meditating it, creating ideas and Praying to God to guide you.
Then you will have time to exercise, do your morning chores before leaving for work or school..

Now tell me if you wake up at 7a.m and you are required to be at the office or at school by 8 or 8.30 a.m will you be able to do the above????

Mostly is when we find ourselves in trouble with those above us,
It is when you reach at your required place with a list of lies to tell
It is when you start your day with worries and fears because you are not comfortable with your late coming"
  Why go all through this Trouble??''

Slowly am adopting to waking up early and in time am targeting to be an early bird of 5 a.m..

Nice day to you all!!!!
Love love

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