Saturday, October 15, 2011

A good NIght bye

It has been one of the longest day someone could have,
I can't complain kwakweli but the only thing that i can say is "Thank You My Lord for this day",
just imagining how many people didnt make it today?? who am I?? to have woken up alive and breathing and far most be able to do whatever i planned to do today,, this feels like I am given another chance to correct the mistakes of yesterday and be the best person i can be.. and even though things did not exactly go like how i wanted them to go i still appreciate the day and I ask my God to give me tommorrow so that i can give my best to all those surrounding me..

  looking at the stars and the moon above, makes me smile and i can not stop my lips from uttering these words "the sky looks so beautful with those unique patterns,it feels like tonight is the best night one could have," i am simply appreciating the night and its pretty patterns,,it gives me energy to want to sleep so that i can have sweet dreams of this stars. OUH YES!! I want to see STars in my dream, and so DO i WIsh YOU all Beautifull Dreams Full of bright stars that will brighten your tommorrow!!!!!!!
                             and that is my goOD NiGHT Byeee..

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